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Front End Set-Up PDF Print E-mail
1.Front end Photo 1 When setting up your front end, the first thing to set is the height of the panhard slider. We recommend to start with the slider at 1" to 2" to start. (click images to enlarge)
2.Front end Photo 2We recommend starting the panhard drop bracket in the second hole.
3.Front edn Photo 3Place set-up blocks between the axle and chassis. See your local chassis dealerabout obtaining a set.
4.Front end Photo 4Next, set the front end left to right in the chassis. A 21" panhard bar should be pretty close to being bottomed out. Adjust the panhard bar until there is a 1/2" of clearance between the left front shock tower and the head of the bolt on the lower shock mount (where the shock bolts to the BRP 1505 axle bracket). This will make the front end offset 2 1/2" with a 10"X4" wheel on the left front, and 12"X5" wheel on the right front.
5.Front end Photo 5Next, ensure the chassis is level. This will aid in Setting the caster more accurately.
6.Front end Photo 6With the chassis level, we can now set the caster. We recommend the caster to be 9 to 11 degrees on the right front, and 5 to 7 degrees on the left front. However on the set-up blocks, we need to set the caster 1.5 more than actual to allow for tilt in the chassis when we put the car at ride height. So in the photo of the right front, we have 12 degrees on the set-up blocks, but at ride height, it will be approximately 10.5 degrees. On the left front, we have 8.2 degrees on the set-up blocks. At ride height, we will have 6.7 degrees. Adjust caster using the top or bottom radius rods, not both.
7.Front end Photo 7After the caster has been set, we can square the front end. Set the wheel base 1 1/2" from the front of the front axle, to the back of the shock tower. A piece of 1 1/2" tubing works well for this. Adjust the wheel base using the rods on the respective side. Turn the rods in or out evenly, as to not change caster. Be sure to double check both sides, as measurements may change as you adjust opposing side.
8.Next jam down all jam nuts except the top radius rod on the right hand side. This rod has to be free at all times. The left side radius rods will be tight. After you set the car on the ground, adjust right front top radius rod until it is free. This will ensure a bind free front end.

The front end set-up is now complete!

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